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Dacoda Strack

Work Experience

Panasonic Avionics Corporation January 2020 - Present
Development and Operations Engineer
  • General
    • Used Japanese in a business context to bring local and Japan-based teams closer together on development and operations initiatives
  • Site reliability engineering
    • Designed, built, and maintained highly-available Elasticsearch and Logstash clusters in order to reduce costs associated with Splunk logging infrastructure ingesting half a terabyte each day
    • Built and maintained many Kubernetes clusters for different departments in the organization using Terraform, Rancher Kubernetes Engine (rke), and Rancher
    • Evaluated many underlying operating systems (including CentOS, Fedora CoreOS, Rancher OS), container runtimes, and operational tools for Kubernetes clusters
  • Development and operations
    • Participated in cross-functional design between Software Engineering and Information Technology departments designing build pipelines for aircraft firmware libraries and executables
    • Contributed scripts and documentation to open source containerization projects such as Bitnami's etcd distribution and Rancher user interface
    • Spearheaded change to vSphere's CSI storage driver for resizable persistent storage for container workloads
    • Managed organization-wide virtual machine state using CFEngine (an alternative to SaltStack, Ansible,
    • Built custom virtual machine images integrated with organization-specific configurations of NTP, DNS, Active Directory, NFS, et cetera
    • Evaluated use of vSphere 7's vSphere with Kubernetes product with Tanzu, vSphere Cloud Native Storage as an alternative to Terraform, rke, Rancher stack
ICANN November 2018 - January 2020
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Systems Engineer
  • Full-stack web development
    • Apache ProxyPass and FastCGI to backends, load balancing, Spring framework
    • Lent efforts to Drupal/Rails developers in debugging issues, often stemming from an unsteady base in *nix philosophy
  • Site reliability engineering
    • Maintained logging and alerting infrastructure in a stack using Splunk, Zabbix, and OpsGenie
    • Maintenanced multi-master MariaDB clusters and Galera MariaDB clusters
  • Development and operations
    • Maintained three separate Kubernetes clusters with combined totals of 544 CPUs, 3.5 TiB of memory, and north of 1200 pods
    • Developed virtual machine templates using qemu, VSphere SDK
    • ElasticSearch, MySQL multi-master replication, etcd, Alfresco, DotCMS, Galera, Kafka, Spinnaker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm charts, AWS, ThreadFix, NetSparker, BurpSuite, SonarQube, ESXI, VSphere, Site24x7
    • Built tools for enforcing nomenclature in various platforms to line up with our configuration management database
    • Automated various F5 load balancer tasks via the the F5 Python SDK
McKinley Equipment Corporation July 2016 - August 2018
Internet of Things Engineer
  • Embedded firmware development
    • Designed and implemented accelerometer applications for custom PCB to detect industrial dock leveler event detection
    • Communicated with custom PCB peripherials over SPI, I2C, RS232, and RS485 using custom protocols
    • Designed and implemented communication protocol with other processors on RS485 bus
    • Interfaced with mbed library to facilitate communication between host processor and MultiTech mDot LoRa module
  • Development and operations
    • Developed build strategy for above firmware using CMake
    • Automated builds, designed release strategy using BitBucket Pipelines and Docker
    • Developed and maintained SaltStack recipes for configuration and management of remote IoT devices
    • Developed dev. op.'s strategy to manage remote IoT devices using SaltStack
    • Utilized gdb Python bindings for automated C++ source code generation
    • Wrote documentation using BitBucket's Confluence along with a home-grown tool inspired by Scheme's Scribble and Emacs's org-mode
  • C++ and Python software development in a Linux environment
    • Wrote message queuing applications for transporting device data from edge devices to servers using MQTT, SQLite and HTTP REST APIs
    • Automated correlation of embedded accelerometer data with video footage using Python and FFMpeg
    • Compiled custom Linux kernels for the Intel Edison, MultiTech Conduit, and the Samsung Artik
    • Designed tools for real-time profiling of relevant IoT-enabled industrial equipment with non-developer ease of use as a design goal

Research Experience

Calit2 September 2016 - June 2017
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Undergraduate Researcher
  • Developed embedded firmware for ATMega328P chips on custom PCB
  • Synthesized data from multiple IMU's to determine location of magnets beneath PCB
  • Created custom on-the-wire protocol using the MAVLink software library
  • Ported development environment from Windows to Linux and enabled building in Docker containers
  • Visualized IMU data both on desktop (over USB serial, using Gnuplot) and mobile (over Bluetooth, using Android's SDK)
iCAMP June 2014 - August 2014
Interdisciplinary Computational and Applied Mathematics Program Undergraduate Researcher
  • Evaluated various statistical methods for classifying event data from CERN's Large Hadron Collider
  • Wrote test harnesses for MATLAB code with bindings to home-grown C code
  • Decided on bootstrap aggregated binary space partitioning trees for the resulting classifier
  • Visualized many-dimensional data using MATLAB and gnuplot